We will create a corporate culture that leads changes.

The ideal candidate for AETS is a person who has infinite potential and can self-initiate changes,
and is a person who has an open mind and globalized corporate outlook to lead growth to become a top-tier company of the world.

step 1

Applications are examined focusing on academic background (major, GPA, etc.), work experience, language skills, certifications, social activities, etc., and the application must be completed based on facts. The application is handed over to the department head and those who pass the written application will be individually notified.

step 2
worker interview

It is in a typical interview form, but when necessary, the format can be changed. The interviews will focus on character and diligence for entry-level candidates and for experienced workers, it will focus on practical capacities. *When language skills are necessary for work, language tests will also be held.

step 3
Executive interview

Executives will hold interviews and will mainly assess the candidate’s personality, corporate outlook and potential. The executive interview will be held if necessary.

step 4
Health examination

Health examinations are conducted at the hospital designated by our company according to the employment rules.

step 5
Final passing (hiring)

Those who are hired will be notified separately.